Experience meets innovation, that's Camelon I.T

We’ve been busy building our reputation for excellence in Information and Computer Technology for more than twenty years.  Two decades of knowledge and experience, one focus…to be an integral part of the business success of our customers.

With Camelon I.T, you’re connected not only to an ICT system and network specifically tailored for your business needs but also to the team that has made our company one of the leaders in the industry.

It’s not just what we do but how we make it happen for you. With our technical talent and expertise we’re keeping pace with the latest technology, with our commitment to customer service we’re one step ahead.

Be confident knowing Camelon I.T has both the agility and the ability to respond to your ICT business needs. Wherever you are, our network will have you covered.  Whatever your requirements, we’ll work with you to design a solution that best matches your business. Whenever you need assistance, Camelon I.T has the answer.

Friday Fun for a Cause, or Three …

On Friday 1st August 2014, staff from the Camelon head office supported Stress Down Day, a Lifeline initiative and part of the Heads Up @ Vita Group program. Staff organised a lunch time BBQ, decorated the office with colourful streamers, told jokes and created a happy, stress-free work environment.

Camelon and Vita Enterprise Solutions – we’re bringing you the best of both worlds

We’ve now successfully integrated the technical talents of the Camelon team with Vita Enterprise Solutions (VES), Vita’s business specialists.

Join the dots – It’s Camelon ICT Solutions

It’s fresh, bright and captures what we are really about! Introducing our new brand identity! We have a new modern, dynamic logo and a subtle but relevant name change to Camelon ICT Solutions.

Staff Profile – Sandy Seymour

Camelon Staff Profile – Sandy Seymour

Sandy has been with Camelon since the very beginning, starting out as an IT technician and progressing to her current role as General Manager of Third Party.

Introducing BulkTools for Service Providers

Camelon Bulk Tools is a set of utilities designed to assist service providers with provisioning and management of BroadWorks/TIPT deployments. The tool-set allows an administrator to perform common single user changes in bulk across a BroadWorks group or enterprise, potentially saving countless labor hours when managing a customer’s platform.

10 Reasons why Camelon are Telstra Enterprise Partner of the Year, 2 Years in a Row

  • We have the skills, experience and understanding to leverage Telstra's product range to best suit the customer's enterprise
  • We've implemented over 20,000 TIPT endpoints to Telstra customers including our largest deployment of over 5700 ends
  • We offer end-to-end solutions and ensure a smooth and well executed project in all facets from administration to technical expertise